breeds top quality Goldendoodles with temperament, intelligence and health as our priority! 

Official Breeder for the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs. 

Updated on September 2nd, 2015

Shhh...newborns are on property. 4E Kennels is currently closed so that we can keep the stress of our mama to a minimum. Our next open visitation date is September 19th. Please contact us to make an appointment! 

We are the 'National Institute of Diabetic Alert Dogs' (NIDAD) official goldendoodle breeder. We produce puppies that have been scent imprinted to the diabetic high and low scent, perform the ENS exercises, Essential 7 Regime, 8 step puppy handling technique and proper exposure to outside influences at crucial developmental periods.   

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We are proud of our puppies and you can watch their progress and life as a diabetic alert dog by liking their Facebook page below: 


A word from Lily Grace, Founder and owner of NIDAD:

"Jeanette has given these pups the very best start a pup could ever have. I have never seen pups so well cared for. Jeanette's pups are spotlessly clean, healthy and her puppy care facility is top notch. Anyone considering adding a doodle to their family should contact 4E Kennels."  ~Lily Grace

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I am pleased to announce that I am a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (Number 90102)!  

Now taking deposits for upcoming litters.